Why we are supporting Worthing Pride and other landlord ramblings

On Saturday 14th of July Worthing holds its first ever Pride event.  We whole heartedly support this  event and as a business we will be marching in the parade with regulars from our pub.  We pride ourselves on our pub being a safe space for everyone regardless of sexuality, gender identity, race, religion and we’re mostly tolerant of peoples political beliefs as long as any discourse is kept respectful *NB this does not include Nazis who are very likely to feel the landlords Redwing boots on their rear ends as they exit the door.  So as an inclusive venue we believe by supporting this event and marching with our regulars of all persuasions not just those from LGBTQI community sets the right tone about our business and who we are and that our town of Worthing is changing and evolving.  We will hosting hosting a number of events in the pub over Pride weekend so check out the link here for details: https://www.brooksteedalehouse.co.uk/new-events/

Excitingly Drinks Maven the incredible Brighton based beer blogger has also developed the TEPA accreditation scheme which stands for The Equality in Pubs Accreditation scheme.  We’re 100% behind this initiative and will be applying to be accredited when it launches in September.  If you’d like more details then check her out at www.drinksmaven.com  or follow her on twitter @drinksmaven.

In other news we now permanently have one lager on tap at all times, yes that’s right our inclusivity agenda now includes lager drinkers who have too long been discriminated against in micropubs.  Well breath easy fizzy beer fans we have the supreme Augustiner Helles waiting for you.  We haven’t lost any of our 4 keg offering we’ve just attached an extra tap.  Of course some will say we’re no longer a micropub and to them we say cha-ching cha-ching! 

Now some of you might be aware we also opened our new sister business Bottle & Jug Department Worthings first and best specialist bottle shop at the end of May.  Located rather conveniently at the level crossing just down from the pub (formerly Michael’s Cycles).  Bottle & Jug is part owned and run by West Country leviathan and former Brooksteed barman Tom Flint.  As well as carrying an amazing array of craft beer from around the UK we also stock bottle and cans from around the world.  We specialise in organic wine and small batch spirits too.  Yes, just when you thought it was impossible for Worthing’s best to get better we went and did just that! Check out Bottle & Jug Dept website www.bottleandjugdept.co.uk to find out more about what we do and what we’re about, you’ll find all the links the usual social media pages. 

We have also been hosting regular food pop ups our latest being with the awesome Mestiza Filipina and their incredible Filipino Barbecue.  As well as being an education on this delicious cuisine it was another real eye opener about the diversity in our Worthing community as the local Filipino community turned out in force to support the pop up and of course to fill their faces with deliciousness.  Our next food pop up will be Haloumilicious on the 27th of July keep your eyes on our social media for details of this and more to come.  

We have also refreshed our website with the assistance of the awesome Viran Chana, not seen it yet?  Well press my button! www.brooksteedalehouse.co.uk  contains loads of useful information as well as our events diary.  

Well that’s enough of my ramblings for now however expect further updates either in blog form or on our social media soon, especially if another CAMRA member riles me and I need to vent my ale soaked spleen. 

John Azzopardi