Don’t rile the landlord, he’ll only blog if you do!

Yes it’s that time again where someone or something has made my piss boil (it’s definitely not cystitis this time) and I feel compelled to put my thoughts to paper.

So what’s got my goat this time?  Well as you know as a business we’re quite active on social media and as such our postings will attract comments, that in someways is part of the fun and a great way to engage people, encourage custom and promote your business, so far so good.  

Well last night a comment was left on a picture, the comment being ‘nice wine bar’.  Now this comment in itself seemed at first innocuous and if nothing else inaccurate. However having looked at the profile of the person who left the comment I soon surmised that it was the same twiggy brown beer drinker sort that gives CAMRA an incredibly bad name.  

So what to do, well initially I responded thanking them for the comment but pointing out its inaccuracy.  Yes we do have an extensive wine list most of which is natural and organic however we also have the largest selection of ever changing cask and keg real ale of any ‘micropub’ in Worthing not to forget a huge selection of bottled and canned beer.  

However I started to become more and more pissed off when I thought about the comment (don’t go looking for it as I have since deleted the entire thread to protect the person who left it as I wanted to write my thoughts down). As it seemed deliberate designed to denigrate my business.  

Well let me send a message to the dinosaurs, the asteroid is coming and your days are numbered, extinction awaits.  Real ale is no longer the preserve of beardy white men of a certain age and my pub is open to all (even lager drinkers).  

I will not apologise for having broadened the offering of good quality alcohol to my patrons and broadening the appeal of my pub.  Some have said we have moved away from the ‘micropub’ ethos, well if you don’t like it don’t come.   Perhaps if you’re really so aggrieved put your life savings into opening the business you want, it’s all very easy to criticise rather than do, however I did and my business is thriving.  I don’t care whether people think we’re a wine bar or not a micro however what are and will always be is an inclusive venue selling the finest ale, beer, wines and spirits known to humanity and also providing award winning customer service to our community.

John Azzopardi