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Established in 2014, The Brooksteed  is a small pub specialising in real ales, ciders, wines and select spirits.

Under the ownership of Aaron Burns and John Azzopardi since April 2017 we focus on quality traditional drinks in a quiet atmosphere that promotes conversation and socialising.

Meet John & Aaron

Meet John & Aaron





Open Hours

MON 12.00PM - 07.30PM

TUES TO SAT 12.00PM - 09.30PM

SUN 12.00PM - 05.00PM


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-Our Little Pub-

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What is the Alehouse all about?

The majority of pubs open today tend to be food oriented or aimed at sports fans where drinks are more mainstream and targeted for quantity rather than quality.


The reverse is our objective – to provide our customers with ales, ciders  perrys, wines and spirits that are not commonly found, mainly due to their production being in smaller quantities which means greater quality and diversity of flavour.

Why will your visit be memorable?

The drinks we provide you are of top quality . Ales, ciders and perry are served direct from the cask in our purpose-built cool room which is visible from the seating area. Wine, Bottled Beers, Whisky and Gin all served too.


We’re able to advise on what the drinks are like, to suit your preferred taste.

With regular diverse food pop-ups there is always something for everyone.


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-Oozing Qurkiness-


During the day please feel free to eat your purchases from The Pantry in our pub. All these products will be served with our knowledge and enthusiasm and when you have to leave, the main railway station is a mere stone’s throw away.

Please watch the Facebook and Twitter feeds for updated information on what’s happening at our little pub!


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